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A 3D food printer? Here Foodini

It’s called Foodini, the ingenious invention of the new Spanish start-up Natural Machinesthat allows you to “print” elaborate dishes but with healthy and real ingredients. Externally shows a metal case about the size of 48,3 x 43 x H 43 cm and a total weight of 10,3 kg ; You choose the recipe from a specific site on-line from which you can order the ingredients for our dishes.

Using most 6 capsules filled with the various ingredients, allows to realize 3D foods of any shape. Its cost is around € 1000 and the capsules are separately sold.


The ingredients, processed one at a time, are positioned by the extruders, with different pressure levels and different temperatures, assigning a precise height and volume so as to realize our creation on the underlying platform, with a maximum print volume of 25 x 16, 5 x H12 cm and requiring cooking that can’t be executed by the device.

Using a 7-inch touch screen display and an operating system based on Android, you can control the device (which can also be wifi connected to our mac / pc). With this inventionNatural Machines will try to bring healthy and self-produced food on the tables all over the world.


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