The Martian

    NASA reaches new heights in 2015

    “As 2015 comes to a close we look back at an exciting year of reaching new heights and revealing the unknown for the benefit of humankind.”

    Pluto, credits: NASA/New Horizons

    With these words NASA has posted this video on YouTube about the achievements obtained during 2015. Needless to emphasize the importance of the New Horizons: the most important space mission of last years. Pluto’s flyby revealed that the long-term space travel are not impossible.

    This year the International Space Station celebrated fifteen years of uninterrupted human activity in space: among the protagonists of the year they stand out Scott Kelly and Samantha Cristoforetti.

    Scott Kelly and Samantha Cristoforetti

    Scott Kelly and Samantha Cristoforetti

    The discovery of Kepler’s telescope about new exoplanets open a new frontier of space exploration. We hope that 2016 will be an incredible year for science.


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